Outlast Sees a Surprise Release on Nintendo Switch

Outlast has just seen a quiet release on the European Nintendo Switch store, with it expected to join American buyers soon.


Red Barrels Studio has been promising a Nintendo Switch version of Outlast for a little while now. The title is one of the most beloved horror games in quite some time and remains a staple for most looking to get spooked in their game playing time. Having it on the go seems an interesting possibility, and even though the portability might somewhat ruin the atmosphere, if you have a Nintendo Switch and never picked up the game, it’s great to have the option.

As it turns out, you can do that right now too. In a rather surprising turn of events, Red Barrels Studio has seemingly put out the game without much of a run-up. We knew it was coming in the first quarter, but we’ve now had it just dropped into our laps. Outlast: Bundle of Terror includes the first game as well as the Whistleblower DLC. Weirdly, the game is only turning up on the European store, but one would have to imagine the US release can’t be too far away at all.

It’s priced at £19.99 and you can go get your hands on it as we speak. You really should check it out if you have never had a go at it. It’s a spooky little title that is sure to scare you, but if you can stomach it, you’ll get oodles of enjoyment out of it. Give it a look.