Jack Kirby Existed in the DC Universe – and Still Does

Jack Kirby is a character who exists in the Marvel Universe. As well as creating the Fantastic Four, he pops up in it, very occasionally — as there is meant to be a Fantastic Four comic and a Marvel Comics that exists within its own reality.

At first, no one liked to show their face.

But they soon came ’round to the idea.

And it became an established part of Marvel Universe continuity.

But what of DC Comics? Well, Jack Kirby was doing this schtick back in the 1940s, including the first issue of The Boy Commandos.

DC Comics also introduced kid versions of Simon and Kirby creating Captain America in Action Comics.

And more recently Jack Kirby turned up in Kamandi Challenge

…as a robot defending Kamandi.

And then as a godly father figure.

It got all rather meta, as you might expect.

Well, the next issue of Sideways, the new comic from Kenneth Rocafort. Dan DiDio, Justin Jordan and Daniel Brown featured this guy from the cliffhanger of issue 1 (and also the preview of issue 1… weird).

And as that first issue generated a drinking game for every time anyone mentions Gotham or events from Metal, you know it’s meant to be solidly in DC Universe continuity.

So when the Sideways character meets this guy, the Tempus Fuginaut…

…in the opening of the second episode, Sideways, Derek James, describes him as “some nightmare from a Kirby comic.” Which would establish Jack Kirby as a comic book creator, a well-known one at that, in the DC Rebirth reality.

It’s just a weird little note that brings the fantastical comic book closer to reality. However the comic also has a taxi app service called Carber, instead of Uber, so you can’t have everything. Sideways #2 is published soon on March 14th.

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