British Supermarket Apologises for Its 'Dark Panther' Costume

British Supermarket Apologises for Its ‘Dark Panther’ Costume

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You’ve heard about the latest blockbuster movie from Marvel, right? The one that has broken tons of records? Based on the Stan Lee and Jack Kirby creation from the sixties? Yes, that’s the one, you know the one. Well, there’s lots of merchandise around for the kiddies.

British supermarket chain Tesco has apologised after, well, receiving a lot of commentary taking the piss.

“This was a mistake and we are extremely sorry for any offence caused. We are correcting the description of this product on our website and are reviewing our processes to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

I mean, they say that, but they also keep changing the website spelling of Jacobs Crinklys to make it harder to find each time.

I dunno I’m also reminded of Christopher Priest and MD Bright‘s character from Quantum & Woody, Dark Kitty, which remains a remarkably entertaining meta-commentary towards Marvel’s attitude to publishing Black Panther at the time.

I think that may deserve a re-read.

Tesco has fixed the Dark Panther listing on the website but the original is still available on the Google Cache for a little while.

But to be fair, there’s a lot of it around. And hell, this is Bleeding Cool, we’re famed for our typos.

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