The Yakuza 6 Demo Will Be Bigger Than Your Storage Is Ready For

The Yakuza 6 Demo Will Be Bigger Than Your Storage Is Ready For

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If you’ve been following the hype on social media, you know that there’s a large fanbase of rabid Yakuza fans who are patiently waiting for the Yakuza 6 demo on Tuesday (February 27th). But those of you looking forward to playing it may need to clear out some space from your PS4’s storage, as the size of the game already has people questioning what’s inside and concerned over what the final game will be. The demo, which as of when we wrote this article has already come out in Japan and some European countries, is stacked at 36.6 GB large, literally the size of four of Sega’s most recent games combined, just for a demo.

Considering that we don’t even know the extent of the demo and how much you can play, that’s a hefty amount of space for something we’re just trying out. So if that’s the size of the demo, it makes you wonder just how big the regular game is going to be. If you’re a big fan of the game and are looking forward to buying it on April 17th, you at least know that you have about seven weeks to play the hell out of whatever may be sitting on your console and clear it so you can make room.

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