The Plot Thickens on Overwatch’s Next New Character

The Overwatch team dropped another new clue about Hero #27 today with a fresh tweet showing off a new weapon. We already talked about how Torbjörn lost his arm, as well as missing team member Emre Sarioglu, but now feast your eyes on this brand-new beauty that appears to be drawn up by Torbjörn.

As you can see, this hammer matches that of Reinhart’s with some new modifications, which changes a lot of things as this could be a hint toward Brigitte, Reinhardt’s squire who we saw in the Overwatch cinematic short “Honor and Glory” during BlizzCon. Bridget also happens to be Torbjörn’s daughter, which would wrap things up in a nice package. However, when has Blizzard ever made things so simple? This could all be a misleading ploy to take us off the real trail, like how we were teased about the other ape named Hammond who went missing along with Winston (who escaped) after the others killed the remaining human members by locking them out of an airlock from the Horizon Lunar Colony. We’ve never heard a word from Hammond, and to this day, no trace of him has been seen, as we got Moria instead. Will we get another switcheroo?

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