Nia Jax Fails to End Asuka’s Winning Streak

This rivalry has been building up for some time now. Ever since Alexa Bliss insisted that Asuka was talking shit about Nia Jax, Jax has had it out for Asuka. Asuka needs to keep her eye Jax, and Jax needs to use her sheer strength against Asuka.

Jax got the upper hand pretty quickly, but Asuka kept up. The size difference between the two women was rather hilarious at times. Jax wasn’t shy about getting Asuka up in the air, but her delivery taking her down was too slow almost every time. If Jax delivered a series of Samoa Drops, she could dominate Asuka, but Asuka is quick. This was to her advantage, and she used it well. Both women took too much time between attacks, though, which added some decent drama, but it at times it made both women look sloppy in the ring.

In the end, though, the Empress of Tomorrow won, keeping up her undefeated streak.

After the match, though, things got real. Jax plowed Asuka through the barricade, something we should have gotten in the match. Jax is dominant — WWE needs to let her have a title shot.

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