Long Beach Mayor Sneaks DC Easter Egg into City's New Civic Center

Long Beach Mayor Sneaks DC Comics Easter Egg into City’s New Civic Center

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DC-loving Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, just like his favorite brand of superheroes, is always fighting for what’s right, whether it be the happiness and well being of his constituents in Long Beach, California, or the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. It’s nice that the DC Comics Universe has a friend in such a high place, figuratively speaking.

Now, DC Comics has a friend in a high place, literally speaking, because Garcia has finished off the top floor of the new Long Beach Civic Center with a DC Comics easter egg! Garcia revealed what he’s done on Twitter:

“It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s the Civic Center!” Garcia wrote underneath a Superman logo, which was itself underneath his signature. Garcia’s gesture attracted praise from Jeremy Kirby, grandson of comics legend Jack Kirby, who revealed a little-known fact about the King himself!

But Garcia’s comics activism isn’t limited to easter eggs in government buildings. He’s also recently spoken out in favor of a female director for Batgirl:

And compared NRA leader Wayne LaPierre to a supervillain:

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia’s love for DC Comics is strong and pure, and now it will endure forever on a wall on the top floor of the new Long Beach Civic Center. That’s what we call making your mark with politics.

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