Black Panther Costume Designer Confirms Next Project: Silver & Black

Black Panther Costume Designer Confirms Her Next Project: Silver & Black

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People are talking a lot about the costumes in Black Panther that award-winning costume designer Ruth E. Carter brought to life. She created a real distinct look for the movie and elevated the entire production to a whole new level. The Mutuals Interviews (Discussing Film) recently spoke to Carter, and she confirmed that she has taken on another superhero project: Silver & Black.

“Infinity War just scooped up our costumers and our costumes after we were done and just put them in their next movie. I did sign to do Silver Sable and Black Cat and Sony pictures is actually doing it. It’s doing script re-writes right now, so I’m waiting to get the signal that I’m going back to work. I love [actually] this new genre and new area that kind of has discovered me. I just want to continue to bring something awesome to it.”

Silver & Black currently has a Feburary 8th, 2019 release date, will be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, and just picked up some new screenwriters this month. However, there hasn’t been any comments on casting or when they plan on starting shooting. It’s the second of the planned Sony Spider-Man-less spinoff movies. Additionally, when Carter was asked if she’d be interested in returning for a Black Panther sequel, she said she’d be interested as long as they are doing something different with it.

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