‘Vampire Hunter: D’ TV Series Gets Comics Writer For Pilot

Posted by February 22, 2018 Comment

It was announced today that writer Brandon Easton, who is writing the scripts for new Vampire Hunter D comics, has been also brought on to write the pilot for the Unified Pictures series. They’ll be co-producing the animated series with Japanese CGI animation studio Digital Frontier. (Digital Frontier is the studio behind the current CG Resident Evil titles.)

Yes, this is the same animated series that was announced back in 2015, but this is the first move forward in as many years.

Reportedly, Brandon’s Vampire Hunter: D pilot will be based on the “Mysterious Journey to the North Sea” storylines, the 7th and 8th issues in the series.

“I’ve had to manage the expectations of three entities: the creator Hideyuki Kikuchi, the producers at Digital Frontier and Unified Pictures, and ultimately myself. This means that you have to find new and exciting ways of telling a story that has a set of concrete rules that have been fully established by the novels.” Easton said to ANN.

The current comic adapts Hideyuki Kikuchi‘s short Vampire Hunter D story “Message From Cecile,” which was published at a fan event in Japan. Originally, Kikuchi as well as the director of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust Yoshiaki Kawajiri, were reported as working on this new series, but there isn’t an update on if that’s still the case.

Dread Central also reports that artist Ryan Benjamin is taking over as the artist and colorist on the Vampire Hunter D: Message From Mars series, which Richard Friend  is inking.

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