Ivy Returns to SoulCalibur VI Wearing a Lot Less Than Before

Ivy Valentine and Zasalamel Both Return to SoulCalibur VI

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Every time we see Ivy Valentine make an appearance in SoulCalibur, she just seems to be getting bustier and losing a thread or two more clothing than before. Today, Bandai Namco revealed that Ivy would be returning in SoulCalibur VI as one of the primary characters, along with her trusted Snake Sword and practically lingerie armor to face new and familiar foes once more. As you’ll see from the trailer we’ve posted below, she hasn’t missed a step, or at least in the eyes of the fans she won’t. Seeing as how this game somehow goes back in time, we’re actually seeing a younger Ivy who is still deadly and proficient with the blade, but the moveset she has also looks a little more reckless than before.

credit//Bandai Namco

Ivy didn’t come alone though, as Zasalamel also returns to the game. Commonly referred to as the “poor player’s Astaroth”, Zasalamel gets a lot of grief for being another ax-wielding character in the series who was simply cloned from Astaroth (who himself was a clone of Rock) in order to make a counter-part who could fight in the same style and give a different story. This time around, however, it appears his moves have received an upgrade and he seems to move a lot faster than in the past.

credit//Bandai Namco

Still no word as to when we’ll see a beta for the game, let alone a release date. But for now, enjoy their intros.

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