IDW's Ted Adams Joins CBLDF Board of Directors

IDW’s Ted Adams Joins CBLDF Board of Directors

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IDW Founder and CEO Ted Adams has joined the board of directors for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a press release from IDW reveals. The match between Adams and the CBLDF seems like a good one, considering the organization whose stated goal is to fight censorship stayed quiet while IDW canceled a G.I. Joe book after angry internet users took issue with the writer’s personal opinions as expressed on Twitter.

“The freedoms we have because of the First Amendment can only survive if everyone knows and understands their rights, and if we’re willing to fight to keep them,” Adams said in the press release. “I’ve long admired the work the CBLDF does to achieve those principles. My goal is to help the office team and Board continue to educate the comics community about their rights and to be there to defend those rights whenever and wherever necessary.”

In addition to canceling the comic book of a writer whose political views had run afoul of a certain group of fans with opposing views, IDW also recently altered the art of GI Joe: Real American Hero to remove a Donald Trump reference while an editor apologized to outraged Trump supporters on a message board.

“Ted’s dedication to free expression is matched only by his entrepreneurial zeal and prudent business acumen,” said CBLDF president Larry Marder. “Our career paths have crossed often, but never so meaningfully as they do now when we join forces to advance CBLDF’s important work!”

The press release goes on to note that Adams will “bolster the organization’s efforts to protect First Amendment rights of readers, creators, librarians, retailers, publishers, and educators who face the threat of censorship.”

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