Get A Better Look At Your Potential Doggy Companion Boomer In Far Cry 5

Who's a good doggie who can take down cultists and make animals run in fear? Yes, you are, Boomer! Yes, you are! Good times aside, Ubisoft partnered with IGN today to release a brand new video showing off Boomer from Far Cry 5 and everything he can do. A couple weeks ago the company gave us an introduction video showing off the various people and comrades you can work with in the small mountain town, which included a brief look at Boomer doing his thing. This time around he gets his own video, and we have to say, not since Fallout have we been impressed with a dog helping us out.


In case you're not a dog person, the specific kind of dog they modeled Boomer off of is an Australian Shepherd that they took into the motion capture office to play with. We also find out that Boomer is basically the childhood memories of one of the game's programmers as he's basically recreating a dog that he grew up with. It's kind of a cool look at how Ubisoft decided to go about making a companion for you that isn't based on any human characters, while at the same time making him more human than some of the people we're sure you'll shoot down.

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