Peter David: Jamie Madrox is “Definitely Not Dead”

Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, died during Marvel’s Death of X, a casualty in the war to make Cyclops a villain and make the Inhumans happen. At least, that’s what we all thought, but one man believes that Jamie is still alive, living on a farm with Layla Miller. That man is Peter David, writer of Marvel’s Spectacular Spider-Man, who wrote Jamie for years as part of X-Factor.

David was asked on Twitter about the status of Miller, a character created in X-Factor who ended the series as Jamie’s wife. David responded that Miller was “on the farm” with Madrox, who he noted, “is definitely not dead.”

David’s contradiction of Marvel’s official continuity isn’t unprecedented. After David, as writer of X-Factor, revealed that team member Shatterstar was gay, original Shatterstar creator Rob Liefeld disagreed, insisting that Shatterstar was definitely not gay, and vowed to undo David’s story. Liefeld since softened his stance, and hasn’t tried to retcon Shatterstar’s homosexuality.

However, it looks like David may be interested in retconing Jamie Madrox’s Death of X fate, if his tweet is any indication. And what better time? Marvel is ramping up for its eighth line-wide relaunch in less than six years, and this time, books will both get new number ones and maintain their legacy numbering. We can also expect new series and a massive creative team shuffle. With all of that chaos happening around him, Peter David could have the perfect opportunity to execute a retcon… especially if there’s an X-Factor book in the works for Marvel’s Fresh Start.

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