Twitch To Hold Back New Community Guidelines Launch Until March

A couple weeks ago we told you about Twitch’s new Community Guidelines that would be implemented in an effort to eliminate toxic behavior in their chat and the community at large. Over the weekend, Twitch made a quick announcement on their Twitter that those guidelines would be held off from being implemented for a few more weeks.

The reasoning behind the decision is because Twitch wants to make sure everyone understands the new rules, as opposed to YouTube who has a habit of implementing new guidelines on a whim without warning or input from their content creators. Essentially, Twitch is giving everyone a chance to read these and get the new rules figured out so they know it isn’t just a blanket way of targeting random thoughts that people may not agree with, and that it is going after very specific behavior. No word yet as to when the FAQ will be released, but the best guess is at least one week before everything goes into action.

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