Resource Management Survival Game 'Symmetry' Gets 2 Launch Trailers

Resource Management Survival Game ‘Symmetry’ Gets 2 Launch Trailers

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Symmetry is a survival resource management game set in a retro-futuristic, sci-fi universe to celebrate the game’s launch on Steam and PlayStation 4, developer Sleepless Clinic and publisher IMGN.PRO released a brand new launch trailer designed to get you hyped for resource management in space. Which is a pretty tall order, but they manage it rather well.

The game will also release on Xbox One on February 23rd, so players on Microsoft’s console can also enjoy the ominous sci-fi story. Coupled with an atmospheric score and hand-drawn vector graphics, Symmetry is a pretty stunning game even if the premise might not excite you.

Because it is a resource management survival game, the main goal is to manage a team of survivors whose spaceship has crashed on an abandoned planet, light years from help. Players must help the crew withstand the desolate, freezing cold environment and unpredictable weather that is unsuitable for human life while safely and quickly fix their spaceship and escape. Time is of the essence. Everyone’s safety is essential. Life functions are critical. Overseeing resources is vital. One wrong choice, someone dies. Run out of time, someone dies. And when one of the survivors die, you must make the ultimate decision, dispose of the body, or cannibalize it.

So, if you ever wanted to test out just how good you are in a crisis situation, Symmetry provides a good test.

You can check out Symmetry‘s release trailer below.

The game also got a “Bring them Home” trailer recently that you can check out as well.

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