Lauren Myracle on Not Being Allowed to Have Sound Effects for “Man Parts Deflating” in Her Catwoman Graphic Novel

At the American Library Association meet for the launch of the DC Ink and DC Zoom line for younger readers, novelist Lauren Myracle talked about her upcoming Catwoman graphic novel, Under The Moon, for DC Comics out in January next year.

She says she learned fast, thanks to her editor Bobbie Chase, learning not to have people sitting around talking to each other for a very long time.

“Gail blinks manically,” however, wasn’t allowed. Nor was giving sound effects to the bullies that Catwoman, Selina Kyle, was fighting, indicating they had lost their erections.

“Selina takes down the bullies in her school and she’s gesturing at their man parts. I write in that their man parts deflate and even gave sound effects — Swish swish loop loop — and she’s like, yeah, I don’t know how they are going to draw that, so she made me take that part out.”

She also talked through having too many panels per page, giving the artist too much detail and too little, learning the lingo of thought balloons and being told, “Overall, you want to have a splash every twenty pages. I didn’t know what a splash was; I’d write ‘half page splash’ and be told, ‘that’s not a splash.'”

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