Nerd Food: The Vibranium Suit Cocktail at Clark Burger

Nerd Food: The Vibranium Suit Cocktail at Clark Burger

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Vibranium — the precious, and powerful, metal found in the land of Wakanda — is how Black Panther’s suit gets its power. The metal powers almost every aspect of Wakanda, as well. From healing properties to clothing, there’s nothing this metal can’t do. But does it taste good in a mixed drink?

vibranium suit cocktail

Okay, so there is no such thing as Vibranium. But Clark Burger in Belvedere Square, Baltimore, created what looks similar to the metal.

vibranium cocktail

Normally I shy away from coconut. But for the sake of science, and Nerd Food, I had to forge ahead. But I’ll be darned, this drink is damn good. The first flavors that will hit you are the blackberry and raspberry. The coconut felt almost nonexistent, which is great. This drink will only be around for a limited time (though, you can easily make your own at home), so if you’re in the Baltimore area, check it out!

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