Top 20 Comics, Film, and More Geeky News Stories This Week – 02/18/18

Lying in the Gutters – 18th February 2018 – Everyone’s Talking About Poison Ivy

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Poison Ivy comes to Tom King and Mikel Janin‘s Batman this coming Wednesday. And it seems that last week’s article on how the character is perceived within DC Comics was by far the most popular read on Bleeding Cool. But, of course, there were a few other things to talk about as well.

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Top Twenty Traffic of The Week

  1. The Civil War Over Poison Ivy at DC Comics
  2. “Mean Spirited” Tweets Against Company Policy – DC Comics’ Social Media and Press Guidelines to Comic Creators
  3. [2018 Westminster Dog Show] Your Dog Show TV Viewing Guide!
  4. Ed Benes Turns Down a DC Comics Title, Looks for Other Possibilities
  5. Roman Reigns Spoils Results of WWE Men’s Elimination Chamber Match
  6. Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 11th February 2018 – “We Sold Out Of Amazing Spider-Man”
  7. Shots Fired at Marvel as Dan Didio Discusses DC Diversity?
  8. WWE Shocker: Devoutly Religious Wrestler Prefers Family-Friendly WWE Over Raunchy Attitude Era
  9. DC Comics to Reprint Entire Print Run of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Over Page Error
  10. Rush Limbaugh Talks Authoritatively About the Black Panther Movie
  11. The Batman Symbol No Longer Just Stands For A Bat (Detective Comics #974 Spoilers)
  12. Do Try to Avoid Spoilers For Captain America #698 Tomorrow…
  13. In the Wake of New DC Comics Social Media Guidelines, Patrick Zircher Quits Twitter
  14. A New Mighty Morphin Power Ranger for 2018
  15. [2018 Westminster Dog Show] TV Spotlight: Herding Group
  16. Hasbro Reveals More Star Wars Before Toy Fairs
  17. A Very Surprising Theory of the Identity of Voyager in Avengers: No Surrender… Spoilers If True
  18. Hasbro Reveals a Wearable Infinity Gauntlet From Marvel Legends
  19. X-Men Campaign to Help LGBTQ Tolerance in Classrooms Cancelled
  20. The Flash #40 Review: What is Even Happening Anymore

And Ten You May Not Have Seen

  1. Trump’s Biggest Media Play Yet? Disney, Fox, Warner Bros., Universal’s Problems Have Just Begun
  2. LAPD Reportedly Visit Stan Lee’s House in Investigation Allegedly Involving Max Anderson
  3. DC to Finish Off Jurgens, Gleason and Tomasi’s Superman Runs in Oversize Specials – and Brings Back Landis and Manapul’s Story, Too
  4. DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee Uncovers Art Forgery on Twitter
  5. Frank Cho Begins a New Year of Outrage with #MakeMineMilkshake
  6. Diamond Brings Spinner Racks Back to Comic Stores
  7. What The Action Comics #1000 Poster Will Look Like
  8. 19 DC Comics Covers for March and April from Artgerm, Jill Thompson, Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Cho, Kaare Andrews, and More
  9. The Return Of Phyla-Vell and Moondragon in Marvel’s Infinity’s End?
  10. The Future of the Marvel Universe in Today’s Doctor Strange #385 – The Final Host?

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