Variety For The Fingers: We Review Alienware's Elite Gaming Mouse

Variety For The Fingers: We Review Alienware’s Elite Gaming Mouse

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Another piece of Alienware tech that came our way recently is their Elite Gaming Mouse, the AW958 to be specific, which up until this point we’ve only seen people use in videos and haven’t had the chance to practice with it ourselves. So when this lovely gaming mouse game to us all shiny and glowing with potential, we couldn’t help but put it through the ringer to see just how well it held up.


For starters, this is one of the most lightweight mice we’ve had the chance to review, and with good reason that we’ll get to in a moment. But popping it out of the box and plugging it in, we could immediately fee a difference when comparing it to other gaming mice we’ve tried out in the past as we could tell this was an entirely different beast. Usually, when you move mice around, even those that have weights in them, there’s a sense of some kind of weight to them when just doing normal stuff on the PC. This mouse moved around with ease and it didn’t feel like we were fighting anything as if it had no center of gravity. Obviously, it does, but you wouldn’t know it from the touch.


The primary feature of this mouse, beyond the adjustable 12000 DPI, is that it comes with four interchangeable modules. Depending on the kind of gamer you are and how you like to set up your controls, the Elite Gaming Mouse comes with a few different options, giving you the ability to toss two or six buttons onto the thumb side of the controller. Meanwhile, the right side has an adjustable palm rest that can either be sleek and inside or flattened out for bigger hands. All of these attach with magnets and a quick interface system that recognizes immediately what you’ve attached so you can program it using the downloadable software.


Meanwhile, the base of the mouse comes with two slots for you to add two 5 gram weights in case you don’t really like the lightweight feeling to this particular mouse. Both attach int he same fashion with magnets so that you can adjust the weight as you see fit, and if you want more on the left or right side depending on how you play. This mouse comes with a braided nylon cable to make sure the cord doesn’t kink or snap, a 250 IPS speed, and 50G acceleration to round out all the features. Not to mention the lovely glowing lights on top which you can adjust in the software.


The quality of this particular mouse is fantastic and ranks right up there with other mice we’ve reviewed that were some of the best we’ve played with. But what makes Alienware’s version stand out is the accessories and the weight. This is a mouse for people who like to play games that require fast hands and speedy decision making. While precision does play a role in it, and you are allowed to adjust as needed, the truth is this is probably the fastest mouse on the market right now in terms of how its build physically. You’re looking at a $90 purchase if you need to have this in your gaming life, which is pretty reasonable considering the market standards. I would say this is an intermediate mouse in terms of accessability, for those who want to branch out beyond the basics but don’t need one with a dozen bells and whistles to get used to. A decent buy for any gamer.

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