Let’s Talk About Mozart In The Jungle Season 4 Episode 4

We’re almost halfway through our watch/chat sesh about Amazon Studios’ Mozart In The Jungle season 4.

In s4e3 “Significant Lover”, Rodrigo embarassed the HELL out of Hailey with his sweet shout out to her during his conducting the orchestra’s performance for His Holiness The Pope.  He really brought the house down (no, literally, the ceiling collapsed during the performance due to a rat infestation), Thomas quit his position to take a role as conductor for the Queens Philharmonic, and Hailey managed to secure a piece of music from a contemporary female composer for her ensemble.  Gloria’s funding for the orchestra looked like it might have fallen through, but Rodrigo agreeing to conduct Mozart’s Requiem for their Japanese investor smoothed things over.  Also, Rodrigo’s ghost buddy Mozart died.  Like, actually died while telling him NOT to do the Requiem.

On to Mozart In The Jungle s4e4, “An Honest Ghost”:

  • Rodrigo gives himself a pep talk in the mirror, hoping to bring back the ghost of Mozart who has been his constant companion for all these years, since he was a boy.
  • It’s role reversal for Hailey and Rodrigo, with her running off to her multiple jobs leaving him to sulk in an emotional slump
  • As she’s getting ready to rush out the door, the phone rings and it’s the conducting competition that she’s been training for, and they want to scout her *crowd goes wild*
  • We need a trumpet section that can blow like the fucking apocalypse” Thomas says
  • Thomas used to be the member of a freaking motorcycle gang, the Liverpool Black Diamonds
  • Oh my god, he’s actually going to use a freaking Indian bike into the practice space
  • Thomas informs Hailey that he’s been picked to judge the contest she’s been accepted to, and can’t be her mentor now
  • Back at the restaurant, Rodrigo is now trying to back out of doing the Requiem, but Gloria tries to remind him it’s the piece they agreed to
  • Hailey tries out options for her ensemble to perform for the contest, and find a new mentor.
  • Rodrigo shows up to take her to visit a place in Long Island where there is a personal item that belonged to Mozart. He reveals to Hailey that “I’ve lost him”
  • the pair arrive at the amazing castle, and are greeted by Morton Norton (Michael Emerson) conducting a chorus of Renaissance dressed ladies
  • Norton shows them through his collection of obscura, like Beethoven’s earhorn
  • Thomas calls Cynthia to come play with his group, and she notably tells him “pay for my cab home, and I’m yours.”
  • Norton’s collection also contains Rodrigo’s ‘childhood mate cup’, and the tux he wore at his conducting debut
  • “Oh, you’ve lost your muse.” “He was an asshole.” “They so often are.”

  • Marianna appears to Hailey while they look at her violin, Rodrigo can’t see her but obviously the Mozart magic is passing to her
  • Isabell Leonardo appears to her, Fanny Mendelssohn is there too, and they ask Hailey what she’s doing there.
  • Such a crazy and beautiful scene of these women who shaped composition for the fairer sex, and Hailey’s explosive joy is obvious.
  • A mix of shots between Cynthia playing a freaking motorcycle with Thomas’s group, Rodrigo speaking to Mozart through the masked face of Norton
  • Another beautiful moment between Hailey and Rodrigo, where she tells him exactly what he needs to hear. That his ‘Mozart’ is within him, and he needs to find his reason.
  • She asks him to be her coach, and he enthusiastically agrees.
  • The music returns to him in that moment, and his new muse appears- Liberace

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