Final Fantasy XV's March Comrades Update Adds New Characters, Costumes

Final Fantasy XV’s March Comrades Update Adds New Characters, Costumes

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Square Enix has dropped a trailer showcasing an upcoming update for Final Fantasy XV‘s Comrades multiplayer mode. The update will hit on March 6th and will add a bunch of new outfits, including new haristyles, suits, suits of armor, and even some really silly sartorial choices for those who just like to hunt monsters dressed as a chocobo. You can even get a player avatar for the older Noctis, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The update will also come with new attacks, weapons, spells, and bosses, as well as a few new playable characters like Aranea, Iris, and even Ravus.

Your chocobos might even be able to fight a dragon, if we’re to believe the trailer. Honestly, I can see that being a fantastic battle tactic, chocobos can be vicious, kids.

The Comrades expansion has been an interesting venture in adding a multiplayer component to the game and indicates Square Enix’s attempts to continue to cash in on the mega-hit that was Final Fantasy XV with continued DLC and live service support. The additions coming in March will help breathe some life into the expansion which was somewhat lackluster at launch.

You can check out the March update details in the trailer below.

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