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Bandai Namco Confirms Code Vein Multiplayer

Posted by February 17, 2018 Comment

Bandai Namco has confirmed that their upcoming action RPG Code Vein will indeed feature multiplayer support. So you’ll be able to join up with your vampire friends to engage in all sorts of sword-wielding, supernatural mayhem.

The studio shared the news on Twitter, noting, “you can explore the world of Vein with other players and you can send a request in an area that you need help in.”

Accompanying the post are a few new screenshots, which you can check out the in the gallery at the bottom.

Until now, Bandai Namco has remained tight-lipped as to whether or not the game would have multiplayer. Often times, when asked, the studio would dodge the question as to whether or not the game would have multiplayer. But fans have been putting quite a bit of pressure on Bandai to add multiplayer to the game, and it looks like they’ve succeeded. Fan reactions to the announcement have so far been overwhelmingly positive, praising the company for listening to their player base before the game has even launched.

For more Code Vein, you can check out the game’s TGS trailer here, or check out gameplay of the Queen’s Knight boss fight here.

Code Vein is releasing for Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2018.

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