You Can Check Out the Contents of Far Cry 5’s Special Editions With These Fake Shopping Channel Shows

Ubisoft has put out two videos showing off both its The Father and Hope County, MT Editions of Far Cry 5 , but as spoof TV shopping shows.

Far cry 5

The marketing for Far Cry 5 has been a bit of a tricky one. The game is dealing with some pretty heavy issues, especially in the current political climate of the world, but also promising the high-octane hijinks that the franchise is known for. It’s bounced between pretty serious to pretty silly, and it seems to alternate with just about every proceeding video.

These latest ones definitely fall on the side of silly. Spoofing TV shopping channels, the videos focus on unboxing and showing off what two of the bigger special editions of the game come with. Their pretty cute, with a nice little dark undertone too, while also letting you know what you can buy. This first video is for The Father edition. Check it out:

The second video is for the Hope County, MT edition, which comes with a mounted deer skull. Take a look:

I really am intrigued by Far Cry 5. It’s going to have a pretty precarious tightrope walk. It certainly looks like a lot of fun, but with the subject matter of a murderous religious cult taking over a small American town and a pretty nasty looking main antagonist, there is plenty for Ubisoft to consider. On that latter point, I do hope the game delivers. The series has basically become synonymous with big, showy, memorable villains now and it seems Joseph Seed is vying to stand next the likes of Vaas and Pagan Min. Here’s hoping.