DC Comics to Reprint Entire Print Run of Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus Over Page Error

DC Comics to Reprint Entire Print Run of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Over Page Error

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Last year, Bleeding Cool gave DC Comics a Christmas gift by pointing out that the recently-published Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus, a $150 volume, was missing a page,

I am told the news went down as well as a neatly wrapped bowl of vomit with a silk bow on the top.

As the user jurassicbond on the Marvel Masterworks Fansite, demonstrated, page 864 on the left…

Suddenly appearing on Page 943 as well… instant deja vu!

Instead of this page from Jimmy Olsen #148 that you should have had,

Well, it has now been announced by DC Comics to retailers that the entire print run is being reprinted. Quite a costly affair. The corrected copies will be available to order from Diamond from March 14th.

For a limited time, retailers may make returns of any copies of Jack Kirby;s Fourth World Omnibus HC currently on their shelves or returned by their customers.

Each returned copy will be replaced by a corrected copy when the new copies arrive in stock.

And all returned copies must be received by Diamond by April 11th. Which probably means talking to your retailer before the end of March…

This is a very expensive endeavour by DC Comics. But one that will earn them the gratitude of retailers and readers alike. Marvel never did this for the Captain Britain Omnibus all those years ago, they just gave you a page to print out and stick in…

Fourth World Omnibus

After co-creating comic book heroes such as THE FANTASTIC FOUR and THE HULK, legendary writer/artist Jack Kirby came to DC Comics in 1970 to write and illustrate four interlocking series known collectively as “The Fourth World.”Now, as part of the celebration of the 100th birthday of Jack Kirby, DC collects Kirby’s entire runs on these four series–THE NEW GODS, THE FOREVER PEOPLE, MISTER MIRACLE and SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN–In a single volume. These comics spanned galaxies, from the streets of Metropolis to the far-flung twin worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, as cosmic-powered heroes and villains struggle for supremacy, and the world-conquering Darkseid adventured across Earth for the deadly Anti-Life Equation.

Collects SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #133-139 and 141-148, THE NEW GODS #1-11, THE FOREVER PEOPLE #1-11, MISTER MIRACLE #1-18, plus later stories from NEW GODS #4 and DC GRAPHIC NOVEL #4.



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