This Valentine’s Day, Say “I Love You” With the Snyder Cut of Justice League

Posted by February 14, 2018 Comment

Whether your Valentine is a deposed director, an actor hesitant about reprising his role as Batman, a DC-loving mayor, or anything in-between, what better way to show you care than with the Justice League Snyder Cut? A mythical version of the film that exposes Zack Snyder’s Vision and completes the trilogy started with Man of Steel and continuing through Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Snyder Cut is just what’s needed to melt your loved one’s heart with heat vision.

While Warner Bros has refused to release the Snyder Cut, regardless of petitions, websites, and historic marches, Bleeding Cool has got your back. We’ve created seven Snyder Cut valentines that you can print out and give to someone special. There’s no need to thank us. We do it because we care.

Check out the Snyder Cut valentines below:







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