[Olympics] And The Medal Results for Pairs Skating Are….

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The Olympics have been going in earnest for almost a week now, and the medals are starting to stack up for the various counties in events across the board.

Three days ago the results of the team skate events were revealed after the competitions in Mens, Womens, pairs, and ice dancing. The rules for such were many and complicated (Deadspin has a pretty good write up of them), and the results were surprising. Team Canada took home the gold, The Olympic Athletes of Russia took silver, and Team USA took bronze. Team Italy and Team Japan finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Tonight was all about the pairs final competition, the free skate and eventual medal position combined scores (of short program, long program and free skate). If you don’t want to know who won, please find something else to read.

Still here? Great!

After some pretty good performances in the short and long programs, it looked like the favorites going into the free skate tonight like Sui Wenjing and Han Cong of China were a sure win. Although personally I thought that maybe [Phasma and Hux] Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov of Russia had a pretty good chance.

As it turns out, it was actually Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot of Germany who performed an almost perfect skate, earning the highest freeskate score in Olympic competition history, and putting them in the lead with a 235.90.  This was Aliona’s 5th games, and her reactions at winning gold were amazing.

Wenjing and Cong of China ended up with a 235.47, a remarkably close score to the leaders even after a touch landing.  Their quad throw really put their point value up though, earning them the silver.

Canadian pair of Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford 230.15 took third place, and rounded out the podium in the bronze position.

Tarasova and Morozov finished 4th, with Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres of France in 5th.

Tomorrow evening we get the men’s long program, you can check the current standings after the short program here.

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