Fat Tuesday Becomes Pancake Tuesday on SmackDown

Fat Tuesday Becomes Pancake Tuesday on SmackDown

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The greatest tag team group that ever existed graced the SmackDown ring last night, bringing with them the power of positivity and pancakes.

Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods all came out to celebrate. How you may ask? By Big E taking on the world record in pancake eating — 113 pancakes in eight minutes. Can he do it? Will he break this world record?

Unfortunately, New Day was rudely interrupted by Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin. They suggested that New Day go and open their own version of IHOP, as the New Day clearly aren’t serious abut being wrestlers. Of course, New Day came back with some snappy comebacks… but things got serious when Benjamin started throwing pancakes down on the ring.

You don’t disrespect the pancake.


But then it got worse.

Fat Tuesday will forever be known as the great pancake vs. waffle fight. If only Big E could have finished his challenge.

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