Will John Cena Head to Wrestlemania?

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On last night’s Monday Night Raw, John Cena came out and gave a hell of a promo about needing to win the Elimination Chamber match so he can continue on his path to Wrestlemania. For some reason, he has some doubt that he may not make it to the main card (or any card) at Wrestlemania. And he has to prove to the world that he has earned it. Again. After what, 16 years?

Cena is great on a mic. He sells whatever is written for him, and his improvisation is great. He is a talented guy, but he was interrupted by someone who’s just as talented.

The Miz has been on fire this year. His heel gimmick has gone above and beyond, and frankly, I’m a fan of his. While he and Cena exchanged some funny banter, Cena suggested they have a match to determine who would go into the Elimination Chamber first. Before a match could get started, though, The Miztourage attacked Cena, prompting Kurt Angle to come out. Angle had a hard time getting his lines out, likely from not wanting to laugh at the audience chanting, but he still okayed the match.

Miz had the upper hand through most of the match. It’s not rare to see Cena not on his A-Game, but sometimes it happens. That being said, he wasn’t willing to give up easily. The Miz pinned him a number of times, but Cena got out each time. In that same regard, Cena did get Miz into submissions as well — but Miz always got out. Cena got the the win with a well-executed Attitude Adjustment off the second rope, and after he even went out to say hello to a Make-a-Wish kid, which is always awesome. Good job, Cena.

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