DC to Finish Off Jurgens, Gleason and Tomasi's Superman Runs in Oversize Specials - and Brings Back Landis and Manapul's Story, Too

DC to Finish Off Jurgens, Gleason and Tomasi’s Superman Runs in Oversize Specials – and Brings Back Landis and Manapul’s Story, Too

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We looked into the smoking guns that showed how DC Comics had altered their plans as Brian Michael Bendis was parachuted in to take over the Superman books from Action Comics #1001 and relaunching Superman with a new #1, curtailing plans by writers Dan Jurgens, Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi to continue long after that.

Well, here’s another puff of that smoke. Action Comics Special #1 and Superman Special #1, 49 pages each and finishing off their run on the character.

On May 2nd, the 48-page Action Comics Special #1 features “The Last Will and Testament of Lex Luthor,” written by Jurgens with art by Will Conrad, to tie up the Lex Luthor-as-a-good-guy storyline before Bendis comes on board.

Also, for some reason, it will now host the Max Landis and Francis Manapul story that was meant to appear in the DC Universe Holiday Special, then did appear in the digital version before it was removed – and then later restored — and a new story by Mark Russell and Jill Thompson.

Beginning with the events of REBIRTH, Superman’s greatest enemy became his most unexpected ally. Is Lex finally on the heroic path, or is he still hiding his true colors? When he finds himself in an adventure where Superman could be destroyed, what will he do? Save the Man of Steel, or witness his demise at the hands of an unimaginable enemy?

Then on May 16th, Superman Special #1 by Tomasi and Gleason’s will have The Promise, concluding a story from Rebirth that began in issue #8, 2016’s “Escape from Dinosaur Island.”

Before Superman’s world goes through some drastic changes, he has unfinished business to attend to on Dinosaur Island. Superman and the Losers’ Captain Storm take one final trip together into the abyss of tomorrow, which brings the military man out of time into the world of today.

It will also have new stories by Mark Russell and Bryan Hitch, and Ian Flynn and Kaare Andrews.

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