DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee Uncovers Art Forgery on Twitter

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It’s only been a few hours since DC Comics unveiled their new social media guidelines, but high ranking DC Comics executive Jim Lee has already skirted one of the rules by breaking news on Twitter. Lee was asked by a fan whether Lee drew a signed sketch of Batman, but Lee revealed that the sketch was actually a traced forgery!

“I didn’t draw the poster but that’s my signature,” Lee said of the image on the left. However, the sketch was another story. “The profile sketch is a traced forgery.”

Lee waited an hour after that, perhaps to see if there would be any repercussions for his unsanctioned Twittering, before revealing even more details about art forgery and how to detect a tracer (if they haven’t done something obvious like trace Emma Frost from a porn still for an X-Men comic).

“You can see from the original that the line quality has a different quality,” Lee revealed. “Traced images have a certain quality to them which is immediately recognizable (at least to me). Forgery on right.”

So watch out, art thieves! Jim Lee is onto you, and now we all are too!

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