Pokémon GO Release Two Pokémon From Being Region-Locked

While Niantic has added a lot more Pokémon into the mix of Pokémon GO, there was a cool little addition that went under the radar for a lot of people who probably didn’t notice their inclusion unless they were specifically paying attention. Up until now, the two Pokémon known as Minun and Plusle have been region-locked, specifically where you could only find each one in specific regions of the world. Minun was only available in Asia, Australia, and Europe; while Plusle was regulated to Africa, North America, and South America. Literally dividing the world in half, so to speak. That ended with the latest update, which Niantic was sure to announce for those who were unaware.

Why did Niantic separate them to begin with? We don’t know! Why did they finally decide to reunite them? We still don’t know! But in any case, you now are able to snag both of them no matter where you live. And while they are pretty common Pokémon, you apparently have a better chance at finding and catching them during rainy weather in your area. Good luck finding the one you need.

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