Fortnite Pro Player JScubby Dropped from HavoK Esports After Suicide-Baiting Comments

The Twitch Partner was dropped from his Fortnite eSports team, HavoK, after reports of his suicide-baiting comments made headlines. Jordan “Scubby” Selleck (JScubby on Twitch) said on a stream that if he knew someone was suicidal, “I would dare them to do it, and then I would never talk to them again.” Late last night, Scubby’s streams were dropped from Twitch for violation of their new Terms of Service, which were designed to combat toxic behavior.

Scubby’s comments came after a question was posed during his Fortnite stream in regards to another streamer saying she’d been dealing with suicidal ideation. Scubby’s stream was then picked up by other streamers and by viewers to report his behavior.

Shortly after Twitch dropped Scubby’s streams, pro-team HavoK Esports said that they had decided to “part ways with Scubby,” then linked to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

HavoK’s Fortnite team captain posted today that the team is now seeking a new player.

Scubby issued an apology last night, but it seems to have been too little too late. In his apology video, despite the frequent cuts, Scubby asserts that what he said on the stream did not reflect what he believes and that it was an “off the cuff” response because he was overwhelmed by the emotions he felt when the topic was brought up on his stream.

Since Havok’s tweet, Scubby has removed HavoK from his profile. He still claims to be a partnered streamer despite the terms of service violations. We’ve reached out to Twitch for further comment.

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