Bleeding Cool Chatter #17: Game Over – Time for Trailer Reactions

Bleeding Cool Chatter is a new web series hosted by Bleeding Cool’s head film writer Kaitlyn Booth. This time, Kaitlyn is joined by fellow film and TV writer Bill Watters, TV writer Ray Flook, and writer Adi Tantimedh.

The Super Bowl was a thing that happened, and we got a decent amount of trailers out of it. We finally got a first look at Solo: A Star Wars Story, a full trailer for Mission: Impossible Fallout dropped, we got some new Avengers: Infinity War footage, and a pretty good football game on top of it. These days half the people that watch the game watch for the commercials, so how did this year stack up? The people of Bleeding Cool Chatter talk Super Bowl trailers.

This is a new thing we’re starting, so we’re still ironing out the kinks. The big thing we want from anyone who decides to watch this series is: how would you like it presented?

Do you like one episode in one video like this in this one? Or do you like shorter videos like we had in the previous episodes? Do you want something a little longer? Our episodes are going to run less than an hour, and we want to set these up in a way that works for our audience.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

About Kaitlyn Booth

Kaitlyn is the Editor-in-Chief at Bleeding Cool. She loves movies, television, comics, and political satire. She's a member of the UFCA and the GALECA. Feminist. Writer. Nerd. Follow her on twitter @katiesmovies and @safaiagem on instagram. She's also a co-host at The Nerd Dome Podcast. Listen to it at

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