Should You Invest in High-Grade Black Panther Comics?

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Without a doubt, the Black Panther movie is going to be one of the biggest Marvel films to date. From a collector’s standpoint, now is an excellent time to sell your book. And if you’re looking to buy Black Panther comics of past, don’t fret — these books can still be had at a reasonable price. According to Eric Mowery at Dave & Adam’s:

“I started seeing a bump in Fantastic Four #52 a little while ago around the time that movie was announced. There was speculation at first (it was pretty similar to the Moon Knight phenomenon) but BP’s first appearance and Avengers #87 (his origin) spiked after it was teased that he would make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War. In my experience, the initial spike came from the dealers but is now being fueled by customers. We get the books in and they seem to go right back out.

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Black Panther #1 (the Jack Kirby series) saw a rise, too, but has since started to cool down. If you couldn’t afford an FF #52, the BP #1 was a nice runner-up book; however, the Kirby series was from the ’70s and there seems to be no shortage of nice copies that are still available.” 
Mowery did note that this comic is historically rich and important, which is more impressive than any monetary value. But if you’re still interested in buying some Black Panther books, here’s a quick rundown of what to look for.

“What to invest in? Fantastic Four #52, for sure.

What will get you some cool comic-cred with the ‘in’ crowd? Jungle Action #6 (this is also the first Killmonger).”
Best overall series? That would have to be Reginald Hudlin‘s run.
“Book that won’t go up like you want it to because it’s too modern? Black Panther #2 (2005 series) This is Shuri’s first appearance.”
You can find a number of high-grade Black Panther #1s across all major comic auction sites. On eBay there are a number of raw Black Panther #1s for under $100, making this an affordable key book. Happy collecting!
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