The State of the Marvel Universe Today (Avengers #679 and Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 Spoilers)

The State of the Marvel Universe Today (Avengers #679 and Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 Spoilers)

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I miss Al Ewing on Ultimates, Contest of Champions and US Avengers, where each week he would try and remake the Marvel Universe post-Secret Wars, The eighth iteration of the Marvel Universe being invaded by the fifth, the role of Galactus, what The Maker was up to, the move of Iso-7 to Iso-8, possibly making it all up as he went along with the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe running after him, notes flying behind them.

So it’s nice to see him — I mean I presume it’s him, Mark Waid and Jim Zub are in the room, too — but it seems like him, doing the same in Avengers: No Surrender. With Avengers #679 looking at the original Grandmaster, possibly of the 7th iteration of the Marvel Universe…

… who somehow survives its destruction and remake into the eighth, and gives him the ability to return. That’s how I’m reading it, cos that’s how I think Ewing is writing it! With a brief history of the Earth to bring us up to speed.

While over in Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1, the prequel-prequel to the prequel that is Infinity Countdown Prime #1. And once upon a time would have been called Guardians of the Galaxy #151 until people realised that a) Guardians of the Galaxy sales were really low and b) there weren’t any Guardians  in this comic; they were mentioned, like, once.

The Michael Allred artwork also gives this comic a completely different look, with Adam Warlock and Kang running through their mutual histories, with Kang’s trophy room of everyone who will have died, and setting up Warlock’s return in Infinity Countdown in 2018, with the Magus, the Soul Stone and someone coming for Kang — who has the power to turn people into Benday dots…

See, I would have sworn that was written by Mark Waid. But no. Gerry Duggan….

(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Mike Allred (CA) Aaron Kuder
ADAM WARLOCK IS BACK! Reborn from the realm of the dead, Adam has come seeking the Soul Stone…and the truth about what it did to Him! His guide through this Infinity Quest is none other than…Kang the Conqueror?!? Be there as Adam begins down the dark trail sure to lead him into the heart of the mystery of the Infinity Stones…
Rated T+ In Shops: Feb 07, 2018
SRP: $4.99

(W) Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub (A) Aaron Kim Jacinto (CA) Mark Brooks
Who is the Challenger? What is at stake in his grudge match with the Grandmaster? And when the two of them clash, can the Earth survive the destruction they unleash?
Rated T+ In Shops: Feb 07, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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