Speculator Corner: The First Appearances of Sana Solo in Star Wars

Speculator Corner: The First Appearances of Sana Solo in Star Wars

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There was a lot of chatter regarding whether or not Thandie Newton is playing Sana Solo, neé Sana Starros, in the trailer to the new Solo: A Star Wars Story movie. Much of it down to the fact that a) she is black b) she is carrying a big gun and c) she is part of the crew along with Solo.

But that seems to have been scotched with some images released by LucasFilm naming some of the characters seen.

The character played by Woody Harrelson is indeed named Beckett, which Harrelson himself said nearly a year ago.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays a droid named L3-37.

And Thandie Newton portrays a character named Val. Not Sana.

Nevertheless, the speculation did draw attention to the character of Sana.

In the comics, where she first appeared, created by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday, she follows Han Solo and gets right in the middle of a burgeoning romance between Han Solo and Princess Leia, until it is revealed that a) the marriage was all part of a scam and b) she actually has a romantic history with Doctor Aphra.

What separates these Marvel Star Wars comics from their previous iterations at Marvel and Dark Horse, is that these comics are intended to be canon. They fit the LucasFilm continuity and can be picked upon by filmmakers, game makers, novelists and the rest.

But for those who want to know more about Sana Solo, the speculator market is not high on her right now.

Currently Star Wars #4 with her first, covered appearance, is available on eBay for $4. And yes she shoots Greedo’s kind first.

Star Wars #6, her first uncovered appearance is available for just $1.

And Star Wars #9 with her first cover appearance is also available for $1.

Because she may not be in Solo. But she’s become a semi-regular in the Star Wars comics and there’s no reason she won’t pop up somewhere else down the line… she even got a mention in Battlefront. And it;’s always good for Han to have an ex hanging around…





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