Playing the Long Game, Jinder Mahal Finally Gets Revenge on Rob Gronkowski

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At WrestleMania 33 nearly one year ago, New England Patriots player Rob Gronkowski interfered in a match and cost Jinder Mahal the Andre the Giant Battle Royale. A lot of people saw it as Gronkowski testing the waters for a post-NFL career as a pro wrestler, with Mahal merely a prop in Gronk’s long-term plans. When Gronkowski was suspended from the NFL for performing a pro wrestling move on a downed player, it only increased speculation that Gronkowski was WWE bound.

Following the Philadelphia Eagles’ victory over the Patriots in the Super Bowl, a lot of people experienced a sense of satisfaction at the Patriots loss. But none, it seems, more than Jinder Mahal. Mahal went on after that to become WWE Champion after Gronkowski cost him that match, but he never forgot the time that Gronkowski tried to “hinder the Jinder.” Capturing a screencap of a distraught Gronkowski at his lowest moment, Mahal took the opportunity to score some sweet revenge.

Truer words…

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