Check Out This Amazing Final Fantasy Bahamut Statue From Square Enix

It doesn’t really matter what version of Final Fantasy you play, the day you first cast Bahamut in any incarnation and watch that summon tear your foes asunder is one of the greatest moments you can ever have. Now you can recreate the joy of that in your own home as Square Enix has released images of this brand new Bahamut statue for you to purchase. As you can see from the pictures below, you get him in all of his purple and red glory, with a pair of stretched wings and a long dagger-like tail. We have Square’s official description below, as you can pre-order the figure here. That is, if you’re willing to shell out $135 and wait for it to arrive in July.

credit//Square Enix

With design direction by legendary sculptor Takayuki Takeya, the FINAL FANTASY summon Bahamut takes shape as a CREATURES BRING ARTS action figure! With its impressive size and a wide range of articulation, this figure is sure to be a striking addition to any FINAL FANTASY collector’s shelf.

Meticulously sculpted and with careful paint application, the details of this figure help it to soar above the rest. The paint has been carefully layered to achieve a luminous effect on the scales, and the scarlet underside of the slightly translucent wings makes this Bahamut feel truly alive. The pearlescent effect of the paint on his claws and horns provide contrast against the vivid coloring of the rest of the figure.

The figure also boasts articulated jointing to allow for a range of poses. When the collector is done posing the figure, the finishing touch of is Bahamut’s included display stand, sculpted to have the appearance of crystals bursting forth from the earth. For anyone who loves FINAL FANTASY, this figure is a must have.

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