Royal Rumble 2018: The Beast, The Monster, and The Machine

Will Brock Lesnar retain his Universal Title? He’s held it for 301 days — will he finally be dethroned? Lesnar is going up against Kane and Braun Strowman, both of which are solid contenders in their own right.

Strowman brought his a game, taking both men down quickly. But nothing is easy, especially with these three. This storyline hasn’t been particularly interesting to me, except for Strowman. Lesnar is mostly invisible in RAW, and Kane doesn’t do it for me. Of course, Strowman using the tables and steel stairs outside the ring is always fun to watch.

These three pummeled each other exceptionally well, which caused some lulls in the match. Ultimately Lesnar retained his title, which was the most predictable (and boring) outcome we could get.

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