Dudley Boyz Join 2018 WWE Hall-of-Fame Class

Following their appearance at Raw 25 last week, 23-time Tag Team champions The Dudley Boyz will join the WWE Hall-of-Fame this year. The Dudleys got their start in ECW as part of the Dudley family group, but the pairing between Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley went on to become the most decorated tag team in WWE history and also held the TNA and IWGP tag team championships, as well as the WCW tag team champions while those belts were sanctioned by WWE.

CBS Sports had the scoop on the announcement, along with quotes from the team.

“The legacy of the Dudley Boyz is really the last of the Mohicans,” said Bubba Ray. “We are the last, legitimate, great tag team that you most likely will ever see; the most old school tag team that there is. I don’t think you will ever see a tag team go on to accomplish what we have accomplished, whether that’s in the WWE or any place else. We really are the last of many, many generations of great tag teams.”

“We were considered a joke at one point,” D-Von added. “Bubba was stuttering and there are like nine other Dudleys coming in from other places. It was like a ‘ha ha’ moment. But when we got together, that ‘ha ha’ moment became real and became serious. That’s when people started taking us serious because of what we were doing in the ring and the commotion and the chaos we were causing.”

The Dudley Boyz join Goldberg, the former WCW and WWE champion who poops twenty times a day, in the 2018 Hall-of-Fame class. More inductees will be announced leading up to the ceremony on April 6.

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