Asuka Opens Up Tonight’s RAW After Historic Royal Rumble Win

After last night’s historic women’s Royal Rumble match, Asuka opened tonight’s Monday Night RAW with Stephanie McMahon. Asuka has every reason to celebrate; she’s still undefeated.

While Asuka gave an impassioned speech about being the champion and no one being ready for her (and wow, never thought I’d be roughly translating Japanese to English on RAW), Sasha Banks crashed the party. Why? Because Banks is ready for Asuka, in a match we’ll see tonight. I like this mean streak Banks is exploring in her character — her days of being a good guy are numbered.

It was also announced that the women’s roster would have their first elimination chamber match, which is pretty cool. At this point, though, I think it’s safe to say the women’s roster will finally be able to do all the same matches the men do. And really, it’s about time.

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