Image Comics Launches #WeBelieve Hashtag to Celebrate Artists and Virgin Variants

Until yesterday, #WeBelieve was a hashtag mostly used by the Australian Paralympian team…

… those seeking solidarity with the beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King

… or religious commitment.

But as of yesterday, it is also being used to stand for “We Believe In Artists”, at least initially, a campaign from Image Comics following from the DC New Age Of Heroes and Marvel’s Young Guns to emphasise and underline the importance of comic book artists in “moving the needle” at a time when the writer had received the greater share of public attention. But it seems that, for Image Comics, #WeBelieve will be extending further.

Image Comics is pleased to reveal the first seven of 14 exclusive virgin wraparound covers in celebration of artists and the importance and impact they have in defining the comics medium. We Believe in Artists will be the first of many initiatives throughout Image’s planned #WeBelieve 2018 campaign highlighting the important, lately overlooked components of the comics industry.

Comics is a visual storytelling medium with artwork as the driving force behind the narrative, tone, and spirit of a comic book’s sequential narrative. Image Comics hopes to cast a spotlight for fans and members of the comic book community on the momentous significance a piece of artwork can have to sell these stories to readers.

“Simply put, without artists, there would be no comics. The success of the comics industry ultimately hinges on well-told stories, but because comics is by definition a visual medium, artists are integral to that storytelling,” said Eric Stephenson, Publisher at Image Comics. “Image has always believed in the importance of artists—our company was founded by artists, after all—and we are proud to celebrate the fact that artists of all stripes—from pencilers and inkers to colorists, letterers, and graphic designers—continue to make this wonderful medium so vital, vibrant, and unique.”

“Virgin” covers are those with just art, no logos, titles, quotes, bar codes or the like. And these are the titles getting such variant covers.

EXTREMITY #12 (Diamond Code JAN180743) by Daniel Warren Johnson

I HATE FAIRYLAND #17 (Diamond Code JAN180756) by Skottie Young

THE WICKED + THE DIVINE #34 (Diamond Code JAN180654) by Jamie McKelvie

WITCHBLADE #4 (Diamond Code JAN180875) by Roberta Ingranata

Available on Wednesday, March 14th, final order cutoff deadline on Monday, February 19th:
CURSE WORDS #12 (Diamond Code JAN180722) by Ryan Browne

DEADLY CLASS #32 (Diamond Code JAN180624) by Wes Craig

MAESTROS #6 (Diamond Code JAN180797) by Nicholas Pitarra
VS #2 (Diamond Code JAN180842) by Esad Ribić

Available on Wednesday, March 21st, final order cutoff deadline on Monday, February 26th:
KILL OR BE KILLED #17 (Diamond Code JAN180793) by Sean Phillips
MONSTRESS #15 (Diamond Code JAN180801) by Yoshi Yoshitani
RUMBLE #4 (Diamond Code JAN180820) by David RubĂ­n

Available on Wednesday, March 28th, final order cutoff deadline on Monday, March 5th:
BEAUTY #21 (Diamond Code JAN180700) by Jeremy Haun
SPAWN #284 (Diamond Code JAN180831) by Todd McFarlane
EAST OF WEST #37 (Diamond Code DEC178255) by Nick Dragotta

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