World of Warcraft’s Class System is Getting an Overhaul in Battle for Azeroth

You may have already known that World of Warcraft is doing away with the traditional raid class sets in the upcoming Battle For Azeroth expansion, but Blizzard has given us more details on the changes they’ll be implementing to balance the classes and make them more unique, including new abilities and some changes to the talent system. Essentially, the class system in WoW is getting a complete overhaul.

Blizzard detailed the plans in the latest post to the Developer Watercooler blog, but the main the focus of the overhaul is on emphasising “what makes each class unique and [providing] greater distinction among their various capabilities, especially when it comes to utility—tools that fall outside of core role functions like damage, healing, or mitigation.”

By diversifying the classes, Blizzard hopes to foster a more cooperative style of play, with team members “more dependent on each other to succeed.’ Which is sort of the whole point of an MMO in the first place. The overhaul will also give players the opportunity to switch up group dynamics, so with that in mind we should expect to see new abilities and even the reintroduction of older abilities that were previously removed.

The blog gives AoE Stuns as an example of a tool that has become overused, and isn’t the “major strategy-defining asset” that it was designed to be. So we’ll likely see that removed or changed to make it more useful and less spammable along with other “overused” skills.

“Our goal is that whatever powerful kind of utility a class brings, it’s something that group will be happy to have added to their toolbox as they approach a challenge,” the post reads. The key idea here is to “make sure everyone has something to get excited about and an opportunity to shine.” So you won’t have someone drop into a party and everyone else start complaining about how useless their class is.

Meanwhile, the Talent System will remain largely the same, but will have a few tweaks so that choices in a row don’t feel like “a complex math problem.” Artifacts won’t escape a re-balance either.

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