Ch-Ch-Changes for Kim Jacinto’s Arc of Avengers: No Surrender, and Other Marvel Titles

There are often a few changes, ‘twixt solicitation and publication. And it seems that the second arc of No Surrender is going through a few of them.

So Avengers #681 will have art by Mike Perkins, in addition to the previously solicited Kim Jacinto.

While Avengers #682 will have art by Sean Izaakse, instead of the previously solicited Kim Jacinto.

Jessica Jones #18 was solicited as having “one last very special, fully painted story which has been amended now to “one last very special story” – so, basically, once can deduce that it still has art by Michael Gaydos, but no longer fully painted.


Cable #156 was solicited as written by Ed Brisson but will be written by the new series writers Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler. Mistaken solicit… as was listingĀ Olivier Coipel as the cover artist to the Star Wars Han Solo HC when it was Stephanie Hans.


Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider #14 will have art by Dave Williams and Ray Anthony Height, instead of the previously solicited Will Sliney.


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