Attack on Titan 2 Trailer Focuses on the Parts of the Game Without Big Naked Giants

Attack on Titan 2 has received a new trailer and it shows off the quieter parts of the game when you will have downtime between killing giants.

attack on titan

It’s hard work messing up giants. The world of Attack on Titan is constantly under barrage from unnerving naked big boys, that you don’t always think about the quieter times. Especially when you are playing a video game, that stuff often falls by the wayside as you go on to face your next challenge.

Well, Koei Tecmo wants you to know that life isn’t all about dismembering big tall naked people, sometimes it’s about training, interacting with the people in the world and… changing their appearance to your liking. The ‘town life’ trailer focuses on the things you’ll do in between fighting and how you can interact with the world. There is a lot in here, including what you will do with captured Titans. You can check it out here:

The first Attack on Titan game, while having some repetition issues, went down surprisingly well. Not all games based on animes do that. The hope with 2 is that the game can find a better balance to the flow of play, to really bring the exciting combat to the forefront without overstaying its welcome. It’s not long to go now until the game is out either. You can pick it up March 20, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. I’m sure the title will do super well. This series certainly isn’t lacking a large group of hungry fans.