EA’s Stock Suffers For Anthem’s Delay Until 2019

As we reported earlier today, Anthem is rumored to be delayed by BioWare until 2019, even though the majority of the staff are working on the game with small pockets putting together the next Dragon Age title and maintaining Star Wars: The Old Republic. The game was originally slated for a late 2018 release, and according to the article, it isn’t unusual for the majority of the staff to be shifted to “all hands on deck” mode int he final year of a game’s development. But the fact that the game is being delayed and there’s no explanation as to the reasoning why brings up some suspicions as to what happened during production.


Well, just as the stock market was closing today, publisher EA Games took a hit on their stocks because of the news. The grand total at closing bell was a loss of 2.56%, which may not mean a lot to the average consumer, but in the eyes of shareholders, that means quite a lot as it shows there’s a loss of confidence in the company. It’s not going to cripple EA in any way, but it’s definitely got to be a quick slap in the face for anyone remotely involved with the project.

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