Human Head Studios Debuts Rune: Ragnarok Pre-Alpha Trailer

The Rune series is on the verge of getting a brand new chapter to their over 16-year catalog with Rune: Ragnarok, which a lot of the early footage of the game has already blown people away. Now, Human Head Studios are giving fans a taste of the game with a Pre-Alpha trailer that shows off some of the game’s most amazing features and cinematics, along with a narrator letting you know that not only are the gods not dead, but it appears as if man will be standing up to take them on. Enjoy the trailer and a brief description of the game from the devs below!

credit//Human Head Studios

Rune: Ragnarok is a sandbox, open-world RPG set in a dangerous Norse universe during the end of days. A highly anticipated follow-up to Rune, the team’s hit action-adventure game, Rune: Ragnarok places players in the middle of an epic battle where gods, beasts, and the last remaining humans struggle to survive. By pledging allegiance to one of the Norse gods, players gain favor and special abilities to aid them as they raid enemy villages, fight the undead in brutal melee combat, sail to new lands, and craft powerful weapons to complete the goals of their god and conclude Ragnarok.

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