Marvel Comics Signs Kelly Thompson as an Exclusive Creator

Marvel Comics hasn't announced an exclusive creator deal in an age. Well, they have broken that duck with the announcement that Kelly Thompson is signing with Marvel.

Her Hawkeye comic book may be ending in March, but her Rogue & Gambit series has just begun. The exclusive deal suggests that Marvel Comics have big plans for her and don't want to risk DC Comics snaffling her up, as they recently have Tom King and Brian Michael Bendis.

It's also the first announced exclusive deal with C.B. Cebulski became editor-in-chief. Are we to expect a plethora of similar deals?

As an exclusive writer, Kelly Thompson will also be invited to the Marvel Writers Summit in which the future of the shared Marvel universe is designed and decided upon.

"Marvel was truly my first love. So to be here today, not only writing for Marvel but 'going exclusive' with them, is the definition of a dream come true," said Thompson. "I remember visiting Disney World as a teen and being so consumed by an issue of X-Men that was due to come out that I was checking newsstands like a girl possessed until I located it. So yeah, this is everything I always wanted."

Marvel has said they will announce upcoming projects from Thompson up to, and including, San Diego Comic-Con.

"Marvel has been incredibly supportive of and nurturing of my work as a creator and I really cannot wait for everything that's to come, but waiting to announce projects is sort of like living in a delicious hell," shared Thompson. "It's torture not to be able to share the things you know with the people you know are going to love them, but it's also insanely cool not only to know those secrets but to be a CREATOR of said secrets. And right at this moment…all I can say is that there are a lot of cool secrets to come, and some of them are even secrets I got to help create."

"From the moment she turned in her first script, Kelly has continually brought big ideas, incredible energy, and endless enthusiasm to the Marvel Universe and every comic she's had a hand in creating for us," said C.B. Cebulski, editor-in-chief of Marvel. "We're honored to now have her as part of the family here and could not be more excited for the fans to read the amazing adventures she'll be taking our characters on next year – and beyond!"

I am also rather looking forward to certain people's heads exploding…

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