Workout To Old-School Gaming Music For Charity With 8-Bit Workout Mixes

Workout To Old-School Gaming Music For Charity With 8-Bit Workout Mixes

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If you’re looking for some workout music that matches your gamer personality, there’s a new mix you might want to check out over at Run Hundred. Chris Lawhorn has put together what he called the 8-Bit Workout Mixes, which are a collection of original songs done in the old-school Sega and Nintendo style of music for you to workout with. The mixes have been released by Run Hundred, which is a workout song database that people can browse by genre, tempo, or era–if they need just the right kind of motivation to get them off the couch and into the gym.

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In Lawhorn’s own words, “Both albums are 35 minutes long, and I’ve paired them together in a single set for $10 total–so you don’t have to guess which version you’ll prefer. Moreover, all profit from the set will go to Run Hundred’s charity partners–who provide humanitarian aid in each of the 50 United States and in 70 countries abroad.” So not only are you getting a flashback to your childhood that will help you lose some weight, but all the money you spend will be going to causes that Run Hundred supports. Not too shabby for you New Year’s Resolution folks.

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