Overwatch is Getting a Bunch of New Skins Next Week Including This Lovely Pharah One

Overwatch is about to get a bunch of new skins and to celebrate, Blizzard will be showing off a new skin every day until it comes out.


One of the complaints about Overwatch skins is that all the new ones often come as part of events. This means not only are they only available for a limited time but often, they are really expensive in terms of in-game currency (and if you buy boxes with real money to get them, then real life too.) Blizzard has heard these complaints though and they are about to put in some new skins outside of events. This means there won’t be any time pressure and hopefully, they will be a little cheaper too. These cosmetic items will be landing January 23rd, 2018.

To celebrate the skins coming to the game, the Overwatch twitter will be revealing new items each day until they come out. Today, we got a look at a very snazzy Pharah skin. Playing to her Egyptian roots, it puts her in a gold snake suit and it looks super rad. It’s called the ASP Pharah, and you can check it out here.

There are bound to be a lot more skins coming to the game, alongside the Blizzard crossover skins that will be coming alongside Blizzard World also on Tuesday. We will be sure to keep you up to date with everything of note revealed over the next few days. See you then.